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  • Cactuses can live as long as 200 years.
  • Some species can grow to more than 2 metres tall. The largest cactus in the world is the Saguaro, which can reach 1 metre thick and 20 metres tall.
  • A cactus can store water in its trunk so it can survive long periods of drought.
  • The spines on a cactus keep animals from eating them.
  • Is there a spine in your finger? A large spine can be taken out with tweezers. Coat your finger with oil and massage your finger to get small spines out.
  • The best known cactuses are: saguaro cactus = cowboy cactus, opuntia = the prickly pear
  • You can only grow cactuses in the garden in warm countries. If it is too cold and humid, the roots of a cactus will rot.