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In spring and summer, water your cactus a little once every 2 weeks. In autumn and winter, once a month is enough. Too little water is better than too much! Cactuses don’t like too much water. Always feel the soil before watering. Is it still a little damp? Then it doesn’t need any water yet. Put it in a sunny and light spot so it will grow well.


Cactuses don’t grow very fast and they like to be in a tight pot. So you don’t have to put them in a bigger pot any time soon. Is your cactus ready to move to a bigger pot? Together with an adult, carefully wrap your cactus in newspaper. Put the cactus in a pot that is not much bigger than the one it is in now. Use special cactus soil to fill the pot or mix some sand and small pebbles with regular potting soil to make it more airy. It is best to repot your cactus in the spring, so it will recover better from its move and will grow faster.